Rentals: The Proven Way To Manage Short And Long Term Needs


Shaw Rentals Department

Need to rent a forklift for seasonal, short term or long term use? Shaw Material Handling Systems, Inc. has the largest lift truck rental fleet in the Mid-South, and renting from us offers several benefits:

Reliability and quality
Our rental forklifts are maintained by Raymond-certified technicians who ensure that they come to you in prime condition and ready to work hard. We have over 800 pieces of equipment that are either in-stock or can be delivered to you, including Reach-Fork® trucks, Swing-Reach® trucks, orderpickers, pallet trucks, electric forklifts and propane lifts.

Boost your existing fleet
Busy times ahead for your business? Perhaps it’s inventory time, or maybe you need to take some of your forklifts out of rotation for repairs or scheduled maintenance? You can do that without suffering any loss of productivity with a forklift rental from Shaw.

Handle emergency equipment needs
Whether you need to rent a forklift while waiting on delivery of a new piece of equipment or experience an unplanned burst of activity, our forklift rentals can meet your needs or help you supplement your existing fleet as necessary.

Try before you buy (or lease)
Renting lift trucks from Shaw not only helps you get through busy seasons without a lag in productivity, but also offers a chance to try a certain model before you lease or buy it to ensure that it fits your needs.

Other benefits of forklift rentals
Having the option to rent forklifts from Shaw Material Handling gives your business extra flexibility and allows you to maximize your equipment use while right-sizing your fleet. You can choose a short term (daily, weekly, monthly or longer rental cycle) or seasonal rental -- we offer flexible rental periods so you can rent as efficiently as possible.

Other advantages of renting forklifts from Shaw include low rates that include batteries and chargers), maintenance by our Raymond-certified technicians at no added charge, and the option to transition into a rent-to-own program. Plus, an equipment rental from Shaw is 100% expensible for tax purposes.

To learn more about our rentals program, please call 901-386-1081 or contact us today.