Rentals & Raymond RENEWED™

Cost efficient Solutions That Fit Your Budget

We have all of your needs covered - what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Not every material handling program requires the purchase of a new lift truck or fleet of trucks. When the need comes along, Shaw Material Handling provides you with a practical, economical way to supplement your current fleet solutions: the ability to rent or purchase a certified, RENEWED lift truck that precisely fits your application.


We have the largest narrow aisle fleet in the southeast, exceeding over 1,100 vehicles available at any time from our rental fleet, and a comprehensive range of RENEWED options that are either in-stock or can be delivered to you when you need them. The average age of our rental and RENEWED fleet trucks is less than four years. Our lift trucks are available with maintenance plans, and all pre-owned trucks have purchase options.


To maintain a steady growth curve, warehouse management is expected to do more with less. That's why Raymond provides you with the best lift trucks for your business and budget.


To learn more about about partnering with Shaw and how we can satisfy your rental and pre-owned needs, please call 901-386-1081 or contact us today.