4-Directional Forklift Trucks:
Create Up To 40% More Storage By Reducing Aisle Width

The Raymond 4-D® Forklift Truck Eliminates Right Angle Turns.

Handle long, bulky loads and reduce damage with the Raymond 4-D® Truck.
It's unique four-directional travel mode eliminates the need to perform right-angle turns, enabling outstanding maneuverability and efficiency.

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High Performance DNA

High Performance DNA

  • Allows up to 40% more storage by reducing aisle width and eliminating right-angle turns
  • The 4,500 lb. capacity, reach mechanism and single-axis control handle make the truck easy to maneuver and operate
  • The Raymond intellidrive® system provides torque control for fine maneuvering and travel over uneven floors
Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering

  • Ability to travel sideways down storage aisles
  • Scissor reach mechanism and 4-D travel allows pick and place of long bulky load like pipe, lumber, furniture and carpet
  • Combines flexibility of a Reach-Fork® truck and the handling capability
    of a sideloader


  • Single-axis control handle for easy and logical control of truck functions
  • ''Heads-up' display indicates 4-D mode
Configurable to Your Needs

Configurable to Your Needs

  • Optional auxiliary carriages in 8.5', 10', 12' and 15' widths
  • Multiple fork configurations
  • Special load wheels and baselegs
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The four-directional maneuverability of Raymond’s 4-D FiddlerTM model of forklift will amaze you -- and allow you to get more done in less space.

The Fiddler 4-D lift truck is designed to help you create as much as 40% more storage in your existing space because it eliminates the need for right-angle turns -- this truck can travel sideways down a warehouse aisle with ease. And it’s operated with a single-axis control handle for better ease of use.

Not only does this 4-D lift truck offer excellent handling in four directions, but doesn’t need a perfectly flat surface to do it on. The FiddlerTM can travel easily over uneven floors due to Raymond’s intellidrive system. And it can be configured to your exact needs -- see the specs below, or contact us for more information.

Raymond’s 4-D forklift can handle bulky loads up to 4,000 lbs. With the handling capacity of a sideloader and the flexibility of a Reach-Fork truck, the 4-D Fiddler forklift can help you discover storage space you never thought you had in your existing warehouse footprint.