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These days, warehouse owners have to do much more with less -- including packing more product into the same space. Fortunately, with so many different types and models of Raymond forklifts available, Shaw Material Handling Systems has the just-right forklift for the space you need it to work in. And that includes our powerful but efficient sideloader forklifts.

Sideloader lift trucks allow you to maneuver even bulky or long loads in narrow aisles. These sideloaders lift up to 12,000 lbs., can stack up to 30 feet high, and have a load handling capacity of up to 26 feet long.

The models of sideloader we carry are the Raymond 9300 and 9400 lift trucks. Rugged and reliable, these sideloader forklifts are also easy to use, with power steering and the ability to turn each set of wheels independently. These trucks use Raymond’s exclusive ACR System for better control, longer battery life and more uptime.

So if you find your warehouse in a tight spot, choose the forklift that can make the most of the space it has to work with -- the Raymond 9300 and 9400 sideloaders! Click on the lift truck on this page for more specs and to find the model that fits your exact needs.