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If you want to expand your warehouse space by up to 300% within the same warehouse footprint, you’ll need to take your storage options higher and narrower. But to do that, you need lift truck equipment that can maneuver well in tight spaces and reach higher -- such as the Raymond Swing-Reach 9000 Series and Transtacker.

The Swing-Reach lift truck can handle loads up to 48” deep by 108” wide, in aisles as narrow as 68”. Talk about maneuverability! And with Raymond’s exclusive intellispeedTM and intelliguideTM features, the Swing-Reach automatically sets just the right speed and even steers automatically so the operator can focus on picking.

The Transtacker can lift loads of up to 4,000 lbs. as high as 59 feet -- in aisles as narrow as 54”. This powerful and versatile lift truck operates on AC power while in the aisle (where it is guided by a floor-to-ceiling guide rack), and DC battery power outside the aisle. It also offers fast, easy aisle changes without mechanical aisle-changing devices.

These two space efficiency solutions help you do more with the space you already have, providing unmatched ease of handling in the tightest of warehouse spaces. Choose your lift truck model and see how the right kind of lift truck can help you triple your warehouse storage space.